AJAX and ZOE, Bouncing the strobe off the ceiling and using the widow light.

Ajax & Zoe Reading Blog

Ajax and Zoe reading a book about the Japanese Calendar.

I was lucky that the sofa was placed perfectly between the bay widows. I am not one for setting up shots but rather a person who thrives on catching a moment. I had been thinking for a few days how to photograph this wonderful piece of furniture belonging to  really good friends of mine. I practiced with Ajax- their dog- most of the week while dog sitting. The image just seemed to need more. One day my daughter stopped by and immediately went straight for the beautiful sofa. This time Ajax jumped up and took his normal position, but now their was another body in my shot, and a red book cover reflecting light coming in from the side window. I clicked off a shot without my strobe but  her face blocked up, I knew I needed to add some additional light but didn’t want to blow out Ajax’s face or my daughter’s white dress. I used a Nikon D300 camera and 900SB flash and bounced off the ceiling in TTL mode minus 1/3. The lens I used was a wide angle zoom 12-24 by Tamron. Here is a link to the Tokina lens, I think it is an excellent piece of equipment but many of you will probably want the newer wider 10-24 lens in your camera bag.http://www.dpreview.com/lensreviews/tokina_12-24_4_n15.

Ajax and Zoe can be viewed now at the Zullo Gallery in Medfield, MA. (Weekends Only hours) It was chosen by Juror: Mim Brooks Fawcett, and is one of 75 works on view out of 350 entries submitted into the 19th Juried Exhibition.

Here is a link to the Zullo Gallery- a very well run and contemporary gallery, to keep  on your radar screen, if you are interested in showing your own work. http://www.zullogallery.org/

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Rolls Royce and Boston Skyline, What a gorgeous night-always carry a monopod.

Rolls with Boston city lights

Rolls Royce with Boston city lights







If you are trying to improve your photography skills then you have to always carry the gear. Last night, while walking on the Boston water front, down by the ICA, a private party was just getting started. It was dark when the Rolls Royce and several other incredibly high-end vehicles started arriving. My Canon G15 is a beautiful, small, and lightweight camera. Coupled with my Manfrotto monopod any night shot is possible (except on bridges where there is constant vibration you will need a tripod). Last night I was carrying only the camera when I walked past the intense security at the venue to get this shot of the Rolls Royce with the Boston skyline. I have to admit I was a little nervous. I have never seen so much security for a party in NYC or Boston, only at the White House in DC. The guards were wearing earphones and wires and I have no idea who the guests were. I heard very little English and saw only black ties. The wait staff and the bouncers were incredibly rude, so my husband’s technique to distract them and ask what was going on enabled me to get off one shot before being asked to leave. My regret was not being prepared. I am like a hound dog- I could see from a distance those cars arriving and I knew there would be a picture somewhere at the scene.

If I had my monopod I know I could have taken this shot with total sharpness from the Rolls to the skyline buildings.

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Waiting for the Light to change.

Quality Of Light makes all the difference. Recently, while driving past a nearby farm I caught the last glimpse of the July night sunset. I pulled over to shoot a piece of farm equipment, only got one frame off, before the light changed. I vowed to go back every night to see how the field would be changing. The first three times returning I just sat and waited for the light to change- I never saw the light as nice again.- so the next day I thought I’d catch a sunrise. I have revisited the site many times now and I have never seen the light the same as that first fleeting moment when I caught the fading light. I heard once years ago, that Henri Cartier- Bresson would wait hours to make a picture.

Here’s night and day images. What do you think?

Watching the Light change

Night falls at farm

Watching the light change

Morning at the farm

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Revisiting the RxR Bridge Graffiti

Coop's Work

Coop’s Work

It was early Saturday morning that I hiked through the muck, slid through the hole in fence with the “No Trespassing” sign and raced over the railroad track bridge to see what new graffiti was in progress. On our last trip in- I was accused of being a “cop”. I was wearing my sunglasses on my head and they were reflecting sun as I stood next to the bridge admiring the handy work of the graffiti artist. A gentlemen cautiously approached me, certain that I was with law enforcement. He was wearing a large backpack and was checking on the state of the street art on the bridge walls. What I learned that day is- there is a turf war going on among graffiti artist. If you are considered great and respected among your peers, you do not paint over anyones artwork. I had entered a new underground world of talent and by returning to the tracks I found a new war- this time they were after COOP. The warnings were strong and threatening. Whomever you are- they are out to get you. You have crossed the line, left your mark, and are now being watched. They say they know who you are “bitch”. See for yourself. Coop’s work is actually different and illustrates a new style in my mind.

Do Not Trespass

Do Not Trespass

Comin 4 You


graffiti3 graffiti4

SWAP is the man.

SWAP is the man.

Cans of paint.

Cans of paint.

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Meet my Neighbours at the pool

While living in South Carolina I met a photographer who was part of a large group of photographers’ looking in their own back yards for small critters. They not only could identify every bug in the state but all over the world. They are part of a group of international conservation photographers and anyone interested in checking out their- website here it is: http://meetyourneighbours.net/?doing_wp_cron=1369328764.8896501064300537109375. At this website you can find instructions on how to properly set up your lighting gear outside- to capture nice images of what you may find in your backyard.

So recently on a trip to Florida I began looking at the bushes. I only saw a few tiny lizards at first but upon a more intensive look at the green grass and the scrubs surrounding the pool, in the apartment complex, I spied these two interesting creatures. Both are natives and common, but the Florida Lizard was very large and I believe measured at least three feet in length.IMG_0688 - Version 2 IMG_0997

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Haunted by Polar Bear and NY Subway Doomed Man

There is still a lot of buzz on Linkedin about the role the photographer played in the NYC subway story, about the doomed man on the tracks. What do you do? Photograph, or save a life?

Here is the link to the story:


Reading the LinkedIn discussions gave me faith in mankind. I can only hope that if I need help someday one of these contributors is close by.

But… what does that have to do with a Polar Bear? Well, some time ago, while watching the polar bears swim in a pool at a zoo in St Paul, MN. (zoo now renovated to ensure safety) a women turned to me and said:

“What would you do if your daughter fell in? Would you jump right into the tank to rescue her? I would.”

This question has bothered me an entire lifetime. I had actually forgotten about it- until this story and image appeared on the cover of the New York Post. What does one do when faced with a horrible decision? As a photographer, I too was holding a camera while  holding onto my daughter-who was standing on a fence overlooking the bears-when I was asked this question. At the time, I was really angry that she even posed such a dreadful scenario. “Of course I’d jump in,” I said as I thought long and hard about being eaten by a polar bear. I wanted to scream at her for putting me on the spot. What a terrible decision to have to make.

This photographer probably acted on his instincts to just shoot. He will no doubt be haunted by the image-not only by the money he made from it but more so the reactions it brought.  I personally find it in poor taste on the part of the NY Post, and I sympathize with the photographer for being in that wrong place at that wrong time – even if he was looking for a story. The question I now ask myself, “Why didn’t he jump into the polar bear tank?” I think I know the answer.

Polar Bear & NY Subway Doomed Man

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Childhood Memories Series

New Artwork at Clever Hand Gallery, Wellesley, MA. Starting Thursday, January 17, 2013
My new photography images are black and white photographs printed on hand made paper and attached to artist panels. One of the two images, I embellished with oil pencils and pastels.Childhood Memories

Chilhood Memory #1 rephotographed
These two pieces are from my collection of childhood memories.

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