Weekend Reflections, Soul Mates

Mary Fahl at TCAN signing

My daughter asked me just last week “do you believe in Soul Mates? because I think I met someone who is mine.” I said “sure, but I have not met anyone who fits that criteria in many years.” I think if I could have one hour over a coffee with artist Mary Fahl I may feel differently answering that question.

Saturday night at TCAN, the Natick Center for the Arts,  we attended a concert by a female vocalists unknown to us. My husband said he looked her up on Youtube and she reminded him of Sandy Denny from Fairport Convention, an English folk rock band.

Since I loved Sandy’s voice, our friends and I went to hear this incredible artist, singer, songwriter and guitarist perform. The show opened with reverb (which I really like) and a beautiful blond women belting out a song with her extremely tonal vocals almost a baritone sound. Her performance was outstanding and amazing actually, how just one small person can fill such a large sized room. Her former years as the lead singer in a group called, October Project, gave her that experience. Who is this women? Why have we never seen her perform? We were told from the director that we were seeing a rare performance by now soloist Mary Fahl, what a treat.

As I stand in a very long line to buy her rendition of “from the dark side of the moon”, I think about my course “Creating Creative Content” with @Alyson B Stanfield, comparing this artist to techniques learned during my summer class. Talent a given, this women was applying the general principles we were discussing, selling her material, and building an audience through her story telling abilities. Now I wanted to know even more about her fascinating life, retold in song, and gathering a following by being a genuine person. I was sold I wanted to be her friend, soul mate, even become a groupie. The question remains how do I apply these principles to my photography.

darkside cd cover

http://www.natickarts.org/performance/mary-fahl-formerly-october-project , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4esPTfgFlyQ , http://www.natickarts.org/, http://alwaysgail.com/


About alwaysgail photography by Gail Fischer

I am a photographer who loves to explore everywhere and everything. The journey began in Covington, KY where all the back alleys were sources of great places of visual imagery. After college the desert outside of Tucson, AZ became my place to watch sunsets and seek solitude. Later, NYC was totally exciting and the years there led to a career as a shooter.
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  1. That is always the question, isn’t it? How do we apply the principles that clearly do work to us.

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