Watching and waiting, on the sidelines in Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia.

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“I love weddings and model shoots! Especially when I am watching an event unfold. This particular day was very exciting two shooters using the fountain and light to create beautiful pictures. Meanwhile…I just shoot them.”

For years I shot both, but lately my focus has changed and so has my income! Both kinds of assignment work can be lucrative. But…that is a whole different topic for now.

I like to watch light and people. When asked about my photography my elevator line is ” I prefer to shoot everyday life, unseen and anonymous.”

It was late spring and  last year and I took a trip to Savannah, Georgia. If you have never experienced this beautiful city and it’s many little parks, I recommend a visit.

Forsyth Park is the largest of the parks inside one of the city’s grid of town squares.  I believe this is the best and prettiest of the Savannah parks. No wonder every photographer and model photographer shoots in front of the fountain. It was installed in July of 1858 by James, Beebe & Co’s from a “Catalogue of Ornamental Iron Work”, in 1855. Poughkeepsie, NY., has a similar fountain on Little Market Street, that fact, I learned by reading about the maker of the Savannah fountain and the history of the Savannah parks.





About alwaysgail photography by Gail Fischer

I am a photographer who loves to explore everywhere and everything. The journey began in Covington, KY where all the back alleys were sources of great places of visual imagery. After college the desert outside of Tucson, AZ became my place to watch sunsets and seek solitude. Later, NYC was totally exciting and the years there led to a career as a shooter.
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